On October 29th Alexa Chung’s new book It finally hit shelves in the States. Even though Alexa has written guest columns in fashion magazines for years now, this was her first proper publication, and her fans were incredibly excited about the release. Myself included.

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Alexa Chung is known for many things. Her modeling career, her TV presenter career, her wit, her charm, being a style icon. She has the fashion world Midas touch in the sense that everything she wears becomes the latest trend. She is so iconic herself it is hard to imagine that she has style icons and inspirations of her own, but her inspirations come from all over the place. It pays homage to these inspirations in the form of short, quippy vignettes that offer a surprising amount of insight into Alexa Chung as a person. While not every vignette is about style, it seems like they all come around to it eventually. There are some vignettes about movies, music and even heartbreak offering glimpses into Chung’s life.

Along with the vignettes there are plenty of pictures. Mostly candid shots from Chung’s personal collection, the photos offer a certain feel to the book. The photos make you feel like you are reading a diary or scrapbook, rather than a style guide. It is no surprise that the book is full of her wit and charm, with some of the anecdotes being so funny you’ll probably find yourself laughing aloud at some points.

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The book definitely has a target demographic, and it is meant to be read by people who are already familiar Chung. For someone who is unfamiliar with her, it might not make much sense. However, it will definitely please her fans. There are some gems of advice in there, as well as loads of little tips and tricks to capture her own style.

It is a must have for every Chung fan and with the vignette style and how quickly it can be devoured, it makes it easy to read over and over again.

Have you read It?


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