Alexa Chung St. Tropez 2

Back in November, French luxury brand Longchamp released its campaign photos for its Spring 2014 Collection with British It Girl, Alexa Chung, as the star. Shot in breathtaking Saint-Tropez in the southeastern region of France, the photos alone are enough to have you wishing that Summer would arrive right this minute. Shot by photographer Max Vadukul, the collection features Chung as she trots through the sunny streets of the beautiful Riviera with Longchamp’s new and brightly hued bags dangling from her hand. Her naturally subtle grace and beauty are contrasted by the bright colours of the luxury brand’s handbags, which creates for a dazzling photo shoot.

The pictures in and of themselves are enthralling but the fashion world was greeted with an additional surprise this week when a promo video of Chung’s shoot was released in honour of New York’s Fashion Week. Directed by Jean-Francois Julien, the less-than-two-minute video pours life into the scenes above and exemplifies the beauty of both the model and the handbags. Set to the tune of “This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest, this video is as breezy as the song itself. Chung shows off her effortless  style as she explores the narrow streets and ocean views of the Saint-Tropez, all the while with a striking bag attached to her arm. Light and airy dresses, nude rompers, and colours such as red, orange, and green abound to create an advertisement that’s as rich as it is sophisticated. This promotion is especially significant for Longchamp as it is celebrating the 20th birthday of their Iconic Le Pliage Bag, which is the strikingly yellow purse that Chung can be seen carrying periodically throughout the video.

Longchamp’s Spring 2014 collection campaign will make you momentarily forget about the frigid temperatures of February as you get lost in the Streets of Saint-Tropez with the sunny Alexa Chung.

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Alexa Chung St. Tropez 3

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Would you run through the streets of Saint Tropez with Alexa Chung?