Ah, the summer brings so many great things: cold drinks, cute clothes and… topless Victoria’s Secret models? Ah yes.

Alessandra Ambrosio posed topless with two friends as she enjoyed the summer weather in California this weekend. The Angel posted the photo to her Instagram account with the caption: “Brazilian time out #sunworship #cali #brazilianbabes #foreveronvacation.”

While we’re not sure which Brazilian bombshell she is (definitely either the left or center), but it’s safe to say she looks incredible because all of the ladies look incredible — and definitely have bikini-worthy bottoms! Ambrosio, who is 33 years old, has opened up in the past about how having the perfect body isn’t everything, but she’s also said that growing up in Brazil, it’s all important to have a good derrière. “Accept what you have and make the most of it. In Brazil, it’s all about the butt. Some girls naturally have the big round one, and they aren’t shy about it—that makes them sexier. Others work out to have it. For mine, I put 5-pound ankle weights on each leg, get on all fours and kick each heel up toward the ceiling. I do three sets of 20. Then I also do three sets of 20 fire hydrants, where you lift each bent leg up and out to the side,” she told SELF magazine.

Well clearly, whatever she is doing is working! BRB… running out to buy 5-pound ankle weights…

What do you think of Alessandra Ambrosio’s topless photo?

Michelle Manetti is a graduate of Pace University and has a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration of Media Studies. She met Marc Jacobs in an elevator once. She also believes that yoga, Liquiteria and a Hunter Thompson book could save the world.