Just in time for V-Day, Adriana Lima shows us how sultry is done right in the February edition of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. She may have left her angel wings on the runway, but she’s definitely kept Victoria’s sexy secret.





Who but her could make track pants look so hot?



In ‘Pura Informalidad’ –translation meaning ‘Pure Form,’ the Brazilian bombshell was styled in looks from Prada and Gucci’s spring collection (amongst others) by fashion editor, Juan Cebrian. With photographer Nico behind the lens, hair by Nicholas Jurnjack and makeup by Carolina Gonzales, the 32 year old’s look brings grown-up seduction and sweet girl flirty together flawlessly. She may have been a late bloomer who lost her virginity well into adulthood during her late 20s, but when it comes to being a hot mom, she is in great company. This spread proves that Lima certainly knows how to summon her inner vixen. But after several years modeling and walking in shows for one of the most highly regarded lingerie brands in the world, was there ever any doubt?

Photos via Trend Hunter