When we’re writing posts about Adriana Lima, we’re usually focusing on her beauty secrets and fabulous life as a Victoria’s Secret model. Today, we’re talking about how the 34-year-old was reportedly duped into making the sign of a terrorist group.

A video was uploaded of Lima and a fan at a gym in Miami. The model is seen making a sign of a wolf, which incidentally is the salute of the “Grey Wolves,” a Turkish terror group. She then says “bozkurtlar” which means wolves in Turkish and howls.

You can understand why people in Turkey, and all around the world are upset. But according to her publicist, it’s all a huge mistake. “She was told the hand signal and call-out were the names of his local gym,” her publicist Jesse Stowell told The Daily News in a statement. “She was unaware of the wider context of what she was doing or its association to a political group.”

That’s a totally acceptable answer we think… however, it’s probably wise, this day in age, not to repeat anything or make hand gestures if you’re unaware of the meaning. What’s really sad is that she was probably just trying to be nice to a fan and ended up offending a lot of people. Lima has yet to issue an apology, but we’re thinking it’s pretty wise if she does so sooner rather than later…


What do you think of this Adriana Lima situation?