Having the perfect manicure during the summer is crucial. It’s more important than owning the perfect pair of sunglasses, and it’s quite possible that it’s more important than rocking the cutest bathing suit out there on the beach. It defines your mood, it defines what people will think of your mood, and most importantly, a good manicure can make or break an outfit. The summer is all about letting the light in —  we love bright colors, mixing and matching, and of course, making a statement. Sure, solid colors are classy for all occasions, but imagine having one of these insanely gorgeous and creative manicures to rock this summer? It’s sure to be a conversation starter and we hope that it will give you the confidence to be bold in other aspects of your life as well. So get rid of those grey’s and dark purples, it’s time to bring back the neons and the sparkles.

The instagram accounts we’ve featured this week are some of the most celebrated nail artists in the world, and have a truly creative eye for manicures. They’ve been featured in magazines and have done red-carpet mani’s on celebrities for award shows like The Oscars and The Grammys. Be sure to check them out, and let your first manicure of the summer be as unforgettable as the entirety of summer 2014!