DIY Beauty Organizers, from Nail Polish to Makeup

Having dozens of different beauty products comes with the territory of being a beauty enthusiast. Even though we love having all the greatest and newest products on the market, having a place to keep them and organize them can be quite the challenge. We found some of the most simple and cute ways to reduce clutter and add organization – and the best part: they’re easy and cheap to make! Check out these DIY beauty organizers below.

Nail Polish

If you are like me, then you have endless amounts of polish and nowhere to neatly keep them. Having them all thrown into a box can become a pain when trying to find the color you need. Here are 3 DIY methods to organizing that nail polish!

1. DIY Nail Polish Box by The Beauty Department

DIY Nail Polish Color Organizer shoe-box // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

Here’s a simple solution to finding the color you want. Simply find a shoe box, and wrap it in a cute paper. To color organize, find white labels and paint the nail polish over it. Use a hole puncher to create a small circle and then stick to the top of the corresponding bottle. Simply place neatly in the box and voila you have an easy way to see what colors and where!

2. DIY Nail Color Swatch by Anz Falcon

DIY Nail Polish color- fake nails // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

 If you need a way to easily see all the colors you currently have, then try this tutorial. All you need to do is buy cheap fake nails, small wooden sticks, and a glue gun or crazy glue. Paint the nails, glue them to the sticks, and place them in a bowl with sand or small rocks to keep them upright.

3. Space Saving Nail Polish Holder by Allure

DIY nail polish in jewelry bag // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

If space is an issue, then you should try this idea from Patricia Alfonso Tortolani, beauty director at! She came up with the simple solution to place her nail polish in a hanging jewelry holder. This way, everything is organized, the colors are visible, and they are stored away to not cause clutter.


Jewelry seems to be another thing that I have endless amounts of, and no matter how many times I organize my tiny jewelry box, it becomes impossible to find the pieces. If you’re on the same boat as me, you should try these tutorials:

 4. Jewelry Pin Board by Modcloth

DIY Modcloth jelwery hanger // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

Vintage and chic online store Modcloth came up with a great way to hang necklaces and bracelets in a super cute way. All you do is buy a cheap picture frame and remove the glass. Save the piece that fits in the frame and use it to trace fabric and foam to fit the frame. Glue or tape all pieces together and place back into the frame. You now have chic  a pinboard to hang your favorite jewelry!

5. Cheese Grater Earring Holder by The Pink Hammer Blog

DIY Cheese grater earring holder // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

Another incredibly cute and ingenious idea we came across was this adorable way to hang and display earrings. Yes that is a cheese grater, and it is absolutely adorable.  Spray paint the grater to any color you want, and just like that you have the best way to hang earrings neatly and organized.


Makeup can become messy and difficult to manage, especially when you have large amounts of it in different colors and designs.

 6. Magnetic Makeup Board by Laura Thoughts

DIY makeup magnet holder // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

When you search makeup organization on Google, the top results usually are a magnetic board, and that is because it is simple and fantastic. This is the best tutorial for creating the magnet board. All you need is to find a super cheap frame and spray paint it to your liking, then go to a hardware store and get a piece of metal cut to the frame size. Use adhesive spray to stick fabric to the metal. Purchase magnets and hot glue them to the back of the makeup. For super cheap you now have a stylish and convenient way to display makeup.

 7. Coffee Bean Brush Holder by Homedit

diy coffee brush holders // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

Storing brushes upright in a jar in another effortless way to keep brushes orderly and clean. There are many suggestions to keeping the brushes up by using small pebbles or sand. But my favorite comes from Grace Lynne Fleming from  Place coffee beans in a container, then place the makeup brushes inside. Not only is it a great way to hold brushes, but you are getting the amazing smell of fresh coffee added.

Hair Appliances

Straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers always seemed to get thrown under the sink and into a cluster of intertwining wires. If this is the case for you, it’s time to try this tutorial.

8. PVC Pipe Hair Appliance Holder ByDon’t Worry, Be Happy, Keep Learning

DIY pvc pipe hair holder // 8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Organizers

The idea to use a PVC pipe to store hair appliances is great idea that you can make look stylish. All you need are some PVC pipes screwed into the wall. They hold everything perfectly. I would recommend painting them to match the style of the room.

Feature photo: Thinkstock