We know that becoming Shailene Woodley would be ideal for everyone — she has a successful career, a charming personality, and stunning looks. You’d do just about anything to be her or at least be like her, right? While we can’t promise you a spot in Hollywood or thousands of fans, we have a way for you to get some of the same flawless physical features.

In this interview with Into the Gloss, Shailene talks about the things she does to make her, well, Shailene! We picked out some of her tips.If you’re a big Shailene fan, you already know that she likes to keep things as natural as possible. So, remember, have an open mind.

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1. Eat clay

Do it. We’re not kidding. And she’s not, either. Shailene has a friend who made clay toothpaste that you would swallow instead of spit out, although she originally heard of its benefits from a taxi driver. Since your body doesn’t absorb it, the clay provides a negative charge and bonds to negative isotopes. It also helps clean out heavy metals from your body.

Shailene says: “You should obviously be careful about your source. Bentonite clay is good, but Mountain Rose Herbs has a great clay source. I get all of my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, too.”

2. Swish with oil in the morning

Coconut or sesame oil, to be exact. She says if you swish with it when you wake up, your teeth will whiten. The plaque on your teeth isn’t water-soluble, but fat-soluble, which makes oil the perfect way to make those pearly whites glisten. It’s called ‘oil pulling.’

Shailene says: “I prefer sesame oil, but they’re both good.”

3. Get vitamin D…everywhere

Here’s three reasons to love basking in the sun even more than you already do: Shailene does it, it provides energy, and it helps combat yeast infections and other genital issues. Bet you didn’t see that last one coming, huh?

Shailene says: “If you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.”

4. Cleanse with Sea buckthorn oil

She’s all about next-level, beyond pure products to use both inside and out. Shailene feels that the essential oils in this Sea buckthorn oil is the best way to get rid of any makeup or residue on her face, as well as keep her skin soft and radiating.

Shailene says: “On my skin, I keep everything very natural, too. I use Sea Buckthorn from Living Libations to take my makeup off at night and to moisturize my face.”

5. Use natural makeup products

You better start ditching the regular trips to the drugstore/Sephora for your makeup fix. If she’s wearing any, it comes from a company called 100% Pure. They’re not too oily like other medical beauty products and she says they come off very easily.

Shailene says: “Day-to-day, though, I don’t wear makeup at all.”

6. Shampoo less

It might sound a little sketchy, but hey, if you have super-short hair like Shailene, it’s worth a shot. And if you’re not ready to give up your shower routine (we don’t blame you), you can still convert to using natural products only.

Shailene says: “The less I put in it, the better. When it was long, I used shampoo from Living Libations, but now it’s really short. I only shampoo it like once a month—the oilier, the better.”

7. Do your best to represent you.

Yes, although you’re trying to be more like Shailene Woodley, always represent your true self. Shailene says that she never sacrifices her own integrity. For example, she won’t wear fake eyelashes or extensions, mainly because it isn’t who she is. She always wants to be an honest representation of herself, even if sometimes it’s her “public, pretty-in-a-Cinderella-dress” self.

Shailene says: “You have to pick and choose where you are going to represent you and the things you keep sacred, and then there are the things you have to do for the public, for Kelly and Michael, and for the Oscars.”

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Photos and quotes via Into the Gloss

Which piece of beauty advice will you take from Shailene Woodley?