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5 Young Fashion Designers To Look Out For

There’s no motivation to kick your new year’s resolutions into gear quite like making you feel inadequate about yourself, which is exactly what’s going on in this part of the world as we write this. We’ve introduced you to Melissa Jade Aiello, the 12-year-old t-shirt designer of Tees by Missy X whose clientele includes the likes of Wiz Khalifa, but there are more prodigies out there to be jealous of, so let’s get going! Meet the tween and teen fashion designers  — and start investing in their stuff, because these stars-in-the-making may not be so affordable for long.

1. Moziah Bridges, 11

mo's bows

Besides being one of the most photogenic kids in the world, Moziah Bridges, or Mo, is also the bow tie guru of the fashion world — or at least he will be. His grandmother bought him a sewing machine a couple of years ago, which he’s been using non-stop to make awesome kid and adult bow ties out of vintage fabrics. Mo’s Bows now sells at shops around Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana and more. “Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place,” writes Bridges on his website.

2. Isabella Rose Taylor, 12

isabella rose

Isabella Rose Taylor started designing when she was just 9 years old, and she’s been making clothes for tweens and teens ever since. This young designer has her own studio where she paints and draws, and she says her art (and poetry) inspire her fashion. Her first eponymous collection was shown at Austin Fashion Week in September 2012 where she went on to win the Rising Star Award. With the motto “Blood, Sweat and Glitter,” this designer’s already gone on to make her second collection.

3. Cecilia Cassini, 14


Cecilia Cassini‘s family first noticed her sparked interest in fashion design when she was a 4-year-old kid, cutting up pieces of fabric and repurposing them. She got her first sewing machine when she was 6 years old and hasn’t stopped sewing, now designing for such pop icons as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus and fashion critics like Kelly Osbourne and Heidi Klum.

4. Courtney Allegra, 16

courtney allegra

Taking a walk on the more edgy side, Courtney Allegra really got her start as a 15-year-old showing at the Hollywood’s Top Designer event in 2012. Though Allegra attests she wanted to do a more goth collection, she combined that sensibility with a more urban style to create her line CA11, in addition to her eponymous brand.

5. Bella Weems, 17

bella weems

 A few years back at the age of 14, Bella Weems declared to her parents that she wanted a car for her 16th birthday. They said she could have it, if she earned the money herself, so Weems went to work buying parts to make locket necklaces. She began her business Origami Owl where people can customize their own necklaces, and she got that car — a white Jeep named Alice.

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