You know us, rarely are we at a loss of words – but Egyptian-born French model Tiana Tolstoi has stopped us in our tracks. Youngster of only 19 years, Tolsi has already appeared in an ad for Lancome as well as the cover of Vogue China. Woah.

Tiana Tolstoi

Tiana Tolstoi

  • hair : brown
  • eyes : brown
  • height : 180cm/5’11”
  • waist : 60cm/23.5″
  • hips : 89 cm/35″
  • shoes : 39.5/6

Let’s take a closer look. She has an incredible look about her. She’s so diverse and has the ability to be marketed towards many different demographics. That’s really going to set her apart. Her agency, New Madison, discovered her on the streets of Paris (her hometown)… talk about a fairy tale. But why is she a Model to Watch? Take a look:

5. She’s only 19

Tiana has plenty more time to grow and expand her fan base as a model. Plenty of time. She’s got a solid start and there’s no where to go but up from here!

4. Her entire Portfolio is Killer

If you take a look at it here, there’s not flaw. Each image used is very strong. It’s often difficult to fine a beginner with the quality of images she has. She’s already ahead of the game, and that’s not even speaking about her killer looks.

3. 5 feet Ten and a Half Inches

Going back to her diverse looks, Tiana will be able to take the Asian market segment by a storm. She’s been blessed with such a beautiful height that she will no doubt be in runway shows in the near future. She’s the perfect pick to diversify the runway. Look at her lines! So beautiful.

Tiana Tolstoi

2. Lancome

Tiana in this ad for Lancome, just perfect.

Tiana Tolstoi Lancome

1. VOGUE China

I mean come on now, how can this not be number 1? Tiana landed a multi-page spread in Vogue China October 2012, shot by Miles Aldridge. She shows her skill in dominating the beauty segment, but also ads some variety. Take a look at the editorial below.

Tiana Tolstoi Vogue China 2

Tiana Tolstoi Vogue China 2

Tiana Tolstoi Vogue China 2

Stunning, right? This spread gave her great experience and added incredible imagery to her portfolio.

You can follow Tiana on twitter at @eunbi2812… but be sure to brush up on your French!

Which shot is your favorite of Tiana? Let us know!

Justin Gilbert is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is studying Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Studio Art. This course of study stemmed from his love of design, fashion, creativity, and innovative marketing. This summer, Justin hopes to gain valuable insight and experience in the world of editorial fashion. In the future, Justin plans to be a fashion public relations professional while simultaneously growing his blog, The Style Lion, to become a staffed publication and a brand of its own.