Halloween is closing in on us and that means that the anxiety of deciding what to dress as is at an all time high. Anyone who has watched Mean Girls or has walked outside on Halloween  knows that there is a certain stereotype that comes along with female costumes. When you walk into a Halloween store it can be quite overwhelming. There is a costume for everything. Find something that is perfect for you, and you can always add accessories onto them to make them your own.  Here are some Halloween costumes  that are cute, funny, and awesome.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft first shot into pop culture in 1997. She is the lead character in one of the most popular video games and was played by Angelina Jolie in the hit movies. Croft has made a bit of a comeback with an origins game that came out this last year. Dress as the best video game heroine of all time. There are many ways to create her signature look, but for those who like their costumes already made there is a limited edition piece sold at Spirit Halloween.


Halloween costumes that you would want to wear- Lara Croft

Spirit Halloween–  $74.99

Super Girl

Super Girl is Superman’s cousin and one of the only other survivors from the planet Krypton, so she is pretty cool. A lot of the time shes gets a bad wrap, mainly because her costume is a crop top and mini skirt most of the time. But that’s why we like this one from Man Of Steele costumes. I’ts tough and feminine at the same time making you the glamorous bad ass.

Halloween costumes that you would want to wear-Super girl

Man of Steel Costumes: $54.99

Add on a blonde wig to complete the look.

Party City: $19.99

Halloween costumes that you would want to wear- Blonde Envy Wig


Fiona is the female counterpart of Fin the human on the hit TV show Adventure Time, and she is a bad ass. A great and comical role model for girls of all ages, she fights her own battles and doesn’t need a prince to help her.

 Halloween costumes that you would want to wear-Fiona from adventure time

Spirit Halloween: $39.99

Add on a Cake Plushie as a companion

Halloween costumes that you would want to wear-Cake the cat

Cartoon Network: $ 15.26

Daenerys Targaryen

There are very few women in literature and TV that hold as much power as Daenerys aka The Mother Of Dragons. There are a lot of different variations of outfits that can be worn to become Daenerys, You can get outfits the resemble the garb worn by the character at pretty much any Halloween store, but if you are very serious about having a great dress you can always go to Etsy. This dress is my favorite, and you can easily add accessories of your own.


Halloween costumes that you would want to wear- Deanyers

Etsy : $200.00


Sally is the heroine in Nightmare Before Christmas. She fights for what she wants and supports her love Jack Skellington. This is another costume that is fun and easy to put together. Hot Topic offers a comfortable dress that is all you need to start the look. Add some green/white makeup with black stitch designs.  Complete the look with a long red wig that can be found at pretty much any Halloween store.

Top 5 halloween costumes-Sally Nightmare before christmas

 Hot Topic: $34.50

What Costume Do You Plan On Wearing for Halloween?