We’re all for change, but when it comes to celebrity physique transformations, they’ve been known to run the gamut from fabulous to extreme. After all, with a battery of personal trainers, plastic surgeons and pricey diets at your disposal, the sky’s the limit. No waistline is too unattainable, no bust too big. Today, the good folks over at the Telegraph have rounded up some of the most notable examples. Read on for our top 5 and check out the rest here.


Karl Lagerfeld – The designer has never been shy about sounding off on physiques (calling Adele “fat” and models “not that skinny), but once upon a time things were more of a ‘people in glass houses’ situation. The impetus for his weight loss 10 years ago? A sleek Hedi Slimane Dior Homme suit.


Crystal Renn – Crystal was undisputably a queen among plus-sized models, known for being in demand even at an unheard-of size 16. But in recent years the Mississippi-born beauty has gotten slimmer and slimmer—a source of some upset for fans of her during her plus-sized days. We have to say, we were huge fans of her hourglass figure–but with bone structure like that, she’ll always be a knockout.


Marc Jacobs – The famed designer turns 50 today. After years of being a somewhat pastier, less toned version, Marc took charge. He now logs two hours a day working out in order to be the bronzed fashion god before you.


Christina Ricci – We were always fans of Christina Ricci’s moon-faced beauty and curves, but she struggled with an eating disorder in her teens. She now attributes her (very) svelte form to pilates. We have to say, we miss those curves.


Kelly Osbourne – Kelly spent her awkward phase on national television, thanks to The Osbournes. Now she’s scarcely recognizable, having lost a whole lot of baby fat.