Everyone knows that wearing makeup is all about being creative, whether that means seeing how many shades of glitter eyeliner you can paint in the corners of your eyes before your vision is filled with rainbow disco balls, or just experimenting with the best way to subtly enhance your favorite features. No matter your preference, beauty is about what makes you comfortable…so why does it seem like there are so many restrictions? Sure, some rules you should (definitely) stick to, like cleaning your brushes at least once a week or tossing mascara that’s getting goopy and gross, no matter how exclusive that limited edition tint is. But the “rules” that have nothing to do with health or hygiene? Go ahead and break ’em all you’d like, and let us help you out with five common beauty laws you can try circumventing today.

1. You can’t wear blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes

A lot of makeup artists advise against the color of your eye makeup matching the color of your eyes, fearing that the sameness will make everything blend together. But it is possible to make your eye color pop if you’re still set on blue shadow! Stay away from washing your lids with steely shades if you’re afraid of the muddy look MUAs warn against, and try a bright turquoise blue as an accent color close to the lash line. Especially if your blue eyes lean dark or grayish, the brightness of a shade like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Siren on top of a brown neutral base will make your irises positively light up.

2. Redheads can’t pull off red lipstick

Again with the fears of similar colors canceling each other out! If you’re worried about colors clashing or fading in comparison and think it’s easiest to just skip the red-on-red, take a look in the mirror and try again. The secret here is taking account of all aspects of your coloring and choosing a shade of red that compliments them best. Rocking a hair color that rivals Ariel? Try a bright blue-based red, especially if you’ve got fair skin or cool-toned skin, like Illamasqua’s Matte Lipstick in Box. Girls with auburn hair or warmer complexions might like a brownish brick red that won’t outshine their hair, like this Burnt Red Lipstick by Bobbi Brown, the queen of natural beauty.


(photo via mamoru, Devon Aoki photo via lushhhious)

Actress Karen Gillan knows that redheads can totally wear a coordinating lippie 

3. Freckles should be covered with foundation

If you’re a freckly girl who wants to flaunt what she’s got, skip the cake makeup and let it show! Supermodels like Devon Aoki and Stacey McKenzie have made careers off of their cute and unique sprinklings of face freckles, and it’s not hard to see how. If you’re unsure of how to cover other blemishes without hiding what you like, opt for a liquid concealer to pat on with a pinky over small individual problem areas, and try a semi-sheer mineral foundation, like Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil, to even it all out.

4. No glitter after age 13

But without glitter, where’s the fun in Friday nights? While glittery eye makeup should absolutely be an all-ages thing, we do sort of have to agree that it’s best past 7pm, and probably only really appropriate out on the town on weekends. So when the sun sets on Saturday night? Whip out your favorite Make Up For Ever Glitters and go nuts! If you’re really dying to wear some sparkle during the day, however, try reaching for glitter’s mature cousin: shimmer. NARS Night Series Eyeshadows come in a variety of sultry shades, and are loaded with shimmer and tiny flecks of glitter for some flash that can even be office appropriate.

5. Your lipstick and lipliner must match at all times

With the creation of products like OCC lip tars, which encourage blending and mixing shades, gradient lips have never been more in. A slightly darker lipliner can even add more dimension to your favorite lipstick, creating subtle shadow underneath the lower lip that gives the illusion of a fuller pout. A lighter lipliner near the cupid’s bow can have a similar effect in reverse, playing with light to make your lips seem more shapely than they may be. And if the idea of having to constantly smooth on a colored lipliner, be it light or dark or exactly right, seems frustrating and unnecessary, try out a clear liner that acts as a waxy barrier against feathering lipstick. This Sephora Universal Lip Liner ought to get the job done fine!

Which makeup “rule” are you going to break first?