Staying on top of all the latest fashion trends isn’t easy. In fact, most of us have long since given up trying to keep up with whatever is considered to be ‘in’ right now. After all, whereas the world of fashion was once controlled from the catwalks of Europe, the internet has democratized fashion and made it something that anyone can get involved with.

Individuals with a flair for fashion can now turn that talent into a career with relative ease. Whether that means becoming an Instagram model or starting a blog or website, there are numerous ways for fashion-conscious girls to indulge their passion.

But if you are one of the many girls who want to take control of her fashion but doesn’t really know where to begin, these tips are for you. Following these tips will put you in the best position possible when you find yourself picking out your next outfit.

Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type makes fashion shopping so much easier. Your physical shape will affect the way that clothes sit on your body and so will determine how things look. The exact same clothes worn by two women with different body types can look vastly different. In general, women can be divided into five body types – rectangle, triangle, hourglass, apple and round.

A rectangle body shape means that your waist measurements are less than 9 inches smaller than those for your hip or bust. Women with rectangle type bodies aren’t particularly curvy and have less-defined waists than other types.

Triangle body shape, also known as ‘pear body shape,’ is typified by hips that are wider than your bust. Triangle women tend to have slim arms and shoulders, with most of their weight being distributed to their lower half.

Women with an hourglass body have very similar measurements for their hip and their bust but a narrower measurement around their waist.

The apple type, also known as the inverted triangle shape, refers to women who have broad shoulders and a larger bust with narrower hips.

Finally, the round body type is, well, round. A round body shape means a full midsection and large bust paired with narrow hips.

Wear the Right Bra

An ill-fitting bra can cause a lot of problems. Men will never be able to understand the very specific kind of discomfort that a bad bra can cause. But every woman understands the misery of a bra that digs into their skin constantly, tries to slip off their shoulder and then, after battling with it all day, decides to create an awkward slippage situation at the worst possible time.

Choosing a bra that fits properly and comfortably is an essential part of putting together any look. Even if no one is going to see your bra, they will see the discomfort it causes. A badly fitted bra can cause changes to a woman’s posture and her gait, meaning that you won’t be able to strut your stuff in style.


Accessorizing an outfit is a relatively easy way of breathing new life into it. You can greatly enhance any look by adding the right accessories into the mix. For example, a simple badge or pin can be used to add some variety to an outfit that is plain and empty. By using the right accessories, you can completely alter the tone and the soul of an outfit.

Not only can wearing accessories along with your outfits greatly enhance their existing characteristics, but they can also be used to modify an outfit permanently. Home alterations are a tried and tested means of getting extra mileage out of a piece that you would otherwise have finished with. Sometimes, even a relatively small alteration can completely change the way that an item of clothing feels and functions.

Focus on Footwear

Given how much of the day most of us spend on our feet, our choice of shoes can have a much more significant impact on our general comfort than you might think. There’s no reason that your feet should be uncomfortable, even the most stylish shoe should ultimately keep your feet snug and comfy.

A common fashion faux pas is to choose a pair of shoes that look utterly exquisite, but which the wearer can’t actually walk in easily. If your shoes aren’t helping you to get around, they aren’t right for you. There is no reason that a shoe cannot offer you both style and comfort, so don’t accept one without the other.

Your footwear needs will also depend on what you like to do during the day. Some people are restricted in their choice of footwear by the job they work or the terrain where they live. While many girls will have shoes for different occasions, others will be looking for both high-end fashion and practicality. These designer Gucci sneakers from SSENSE are an excellent example of the successful merging of style, comfort, and practicality. Their range includes Gucci shoes for every occasion.

Hopefully, these fashion tips will help you to take your first steps into this wide and wonderful world. As time goes on, you will develop your own individual techniques and tips. Make sure that you share these with others when the time comes.