It’s finally the weekend. Get your group chats ready, because they’re about to receive rapid-fire texts about the who, what, when, and where of tonight.

While you can’t predict what tonight’s plans have in store for you, you can be sure of some things that happen nearly every time you’re going out. We’ve got you covered with all the important (and mostly predictable) events that will occur from when the pre-game commences, to when you wake up the next morning still wearing your clothes from the night before.

And what’s a better way to illustrate your social life than with Mean Girls GIFs?

1. You spend an hour trying to find something that will cover your food baby, but will still look attractive.

mean girls sweatpants via

But, seriously, why aren’t sweatpants acceptable?

2. You always need someone to tell you that your hair looks fine.

hair looks sexy pushed back via

3. When your friends arrive and you act like you haven’t seen each other in months.

karen opening door via

4. You concoct a drink so delicious that you can’t tell it’s 3 parts (horribly cheap) vodka.

is there alcohol in this via

5. “Let’s do that thing where we drink sitting down that way, when we stand up, we’ll feel it more!!”

huh yeah via


6. When you’re only 20 minutes into the pregame and you have to shamefully admit that you “already feel buzzed.”

counselor raising hand via

7. You try really, really hard to make sense out of what you’re saying, but fail miserably.

yeah i can't do this via

No one will ever understand your drunken rants and that’s okay. You do you.

8. When you get a little too comfortable and have the urge to say some really weird things.

my nana takes her wig off via

9. Your friend always has to remind you not to forget your apartment keys.

do you think i'm an idiot via

And wallet. And phone.

10. You still haven’t mastered the art of drunk-walking in heels.

falling into trash via

How many times will you roll your ankle before you decide that you’d rather go barefoot than potentially take a trip to the ER?

11. Whenever you see someone checking you out.

regina blows kissvia

12. When you notice a girl looking at you.

kevin g mean girlsvia

Oh, you happened to glance in my direction? You must want to start something.

13. You see couples making out absolutely everywhere.

take some rubbers via

I’m one step away from calling in a priest for you two over here.

14. When someone traps you into a painfully long conversation about “what they’ve been up to lately.”

awesome time awesome shooters via

That sounds interesting and all, but in the words of Regina, “Love ya, bye.”

15. When a guy offers to buy you a drink.

cady mean girls yes via

But you quickly devise a plan to escape as soon as you’ve finished it.

16. There’s no stopping you out on the dance floor.

damien dancing via

“C’mon, let’s burn off that tequila!”

17. Even if no one else finds your moves as awesome as Beyoncé’s.

doing your thang via

18. When that kid next to you keeps trying to dance with you.

go home via

This is our exclusive circle and we will put one hand in the air without you standing creepily behind us.

19. When girls scream because “their song” playing.

shut up via

It’s okay when you do it, though.

20. You spend 45 minutes consoling your friend who’s crying over her ex-boyfriend…again.

such a good friend via

21. Because at some point later in the night, you’ll probably have an emotional fit of your own.

i just have a lot of feelingsvia

22. When your friends are getting hit on left and right and you have to keep your confidence in check.

damon mean girls singingvia

You is smart. You is kind. You is important.

23. When your friend is talking to people you don’t know, so you have to make awkward small talk with their friends.

why are you white via

24. Then you have to try and redeem yourself for coming off as an absolute weirdo.

sufficiently awkward via

Let’s hope I’ll never see you again.

25. When someone suggests that you go somewhere else, just as you’re really getting into the night.

shall we not via

26. When you realize the second place is not nearly as good of a time.

leave south side via

Party mood = over.

27. There’s really only one reason you enjoy going out.

want to go to taco bell via

Late. Night. Bingeing.

28. You promised yourself that you’d cut down on drunk eating, but hunger always wins.

getting cheese fries via

29. How many slices of pizza can you eat before you get sick?!

the limit does not exist via

30. You wake up the next morning with curls still intact, leftover makeup, and last night’s outfit still on.

flawless via 

I woke up like this. Literally.

31. You don’t move from bed until it’s time to decide if you’re ready to do it all over again.

boo you whore via

What happens when you go out?