New York Fashion Week has come to an end. There were hundreds of garments that came flooding down runways. As I look back on the week of glitz and glam there are dozens of outfits that I want to own and wear.  There were gorgeous fabrics, wonderful designs, and all around stunning pieces. Check out my 10 favorite NYFW Spring 2014 pieces below, and let me know what you think!

Sass and Bide

Looks from fashion week NYFW Spring 2014 - Sass and Bide

The Aussie designers who have been showing at London Fashion Week the past five years have made a return to New York, just in time for their flagship store to open in November. Their collection was sharp and had mixed styles, which I like. The idea of wanting to dress up but still be a little off is what they presented. My favorite of the collection was the black dress (shown above) with cut-out sides and polka dot tulle.  This the kind of outfit you can wear on a night out with friends while looking simultaneously fancy and casual.

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Michael Kors

Looks from NYFW Spring 2014 - Michael Kors

Michael Kors’s collection seemed to focus a little bit more in cooler side of Spring, with sweaters and fur to keep you warm. I would take the whole collection if I could – it’s an objective that Kors seemed to want to get across. The garments looked like things that everyday woman can wear on an everyday basis. This snake skin skirt is one of my favorites, especially matched with the cropped gray sweater. It’s perfect for the transitional weather of cold to warm.  This outfit can be worn for any occasion; it’s high fashion enough for a major event and casual enough for a stroll down a New York City street. I also really, really enjoy the matching clutch bag too.

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Rachel Zoe

Looks from NYFW Spring 2014 - Rachel Zoe

Much like the Michael Kors outfit, this piece from Rachel Zoe is casual chic. A cream colored short dress with brown leather patchwork is absolutely perfect for early spring. Zoe took the styles of what young girls are wearing today and made them her own – and now I want it as my own.

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Anna Sui

Looks from fashion week/NYFW Spring 2014 - Anna Sui

You can describe Anna Sui’s collection as hippy-chic. It was full of bohemian designs and 60s era styling. This outfit from head to toe is gorgeous with silver floral patterns, a giant butterfly necklace, and a flower headband. It’s of course much more expensive than anything an actual hippy would wear. It’s more suited for the celebrity-type going to Coachella and standing in the VIP section (so no dirt gets in your outfit).  If I ever got the chance to be that celebrity-type, this is the look I’d want to wear.

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Looks from fashion week- Marchesa

Keeping with the floral theme, there is this stunning gown from Marchesa. It’s a gorgeous blue sheer with a satin wrap on the bottom and green undertones. It’s highly sophisticated without trying. It would be my perfect outfit for an outdoor wedding or garden party.

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Betsey Johnson

Looks from fashion week spring 2014 - Betsy Johnson

Betsy is known for being a little out there with her fashion, and this year’s runway was no exception. Her look was punk couture and unforgettable. There were many outfits that came rocking down the runway that would be a blast to wear. My personal favorite was the little black dress with a rocker twist. The chained belt and boots give it an edge, but the dress itself is a classic silhouette. It is a vintage 50s style with a Gothic twist.

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Oscar De La Renta

 Looks from fashion week spring 2014 - Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta is notorious for making classic feminine designs, and his collection this year achieves that feel. This dress has the classic style of a 50s party dress with more bright colors that add a spark of youth. This is an outfit that can be worn everywhere and will stun everyone.

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Naeem Khan

Looks from fashion week spring 2014 - Naeem Khan

Naeem Kahn’s collection was very lavish and also very see- through. Every outfit was stunning, but this soft orange gown stood out above the rest with its incredible detail and extraordinary fit.  It’s a dream gown – I’m not entirely sure what you would wear under it, if anything at all – but it’s still a gown that would be stunning to own.

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Ralph Lauren

Looks from fashion week spring 2014 - Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the king of American fashion. His collection for Spring started off black and white and then burst into the colors of the rainbow. The brightly colored dresses stood out from the rest, and my personal favorite was this vibrant red piece with a long flowing drape that resembles a cape. It’s safe to say that you would turn heads with this gown flowing behind you. It almost resembles something that Scarlet O’ Harra would wear – just more modern.

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Badgley Micshka

Looks from NYFW Spring 2014 - Badgley Micshka

Last but certainly not least is this baby blue and gold gown from Bagdley Micshka. Its eye popping, it’s gorgeous, and it’s a major item on my fashion wish list. I don’t have anywhere to go, but I would be more than happy to just wear it in my bedroom –  or even to the grocery store. The gown has a regal bodice with a soft flowing bottom. The design is feminine, sophisticates, and my ultimate dream dress.

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What are some looks from the runway you would love to own?