Choosing a Halloween costume that you can make for yourself can be difficult, especially when you want to be something elegant, and not overly cheesy or cliche.  One of the best ways to completely transform yourself into something else without having to create a silly costume is with makeup.  The things that can be done with the right products are absolutely incredible, and your face will be the focus of your costume, so you can pair these looks with a simple outfit that you might already have in your closet.  Here our 10 of our favorite Halloween makeup looks that will completely transform into someone else without being too over the top.

1. Greek Goddess

Greek Goddess Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Everyone wants to be as beautiful as a Greek Goddess. and with this elegant look that focuses on adding subtle touches of gold and shimmer, you can be! Check out the video here:

2. La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

La Llorona Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The story of La Llorona is a sad and scary tale of a woman who drowns her children to be with the man she loves, who turns out to not love her back, resulting in her suicide and eternal haunting of bodies of water.  This makeup tutorial shows you how to capture the haunting elements of the tale to create an effect that is very eerie, while still maintaining an elegant feel. Check out the video here:

3. Mother Earth

Mother Earth Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This look combines natural elements, like a delicate flower crown, with more bold features, like eyes highlighted in gold leaf, and embodies the grace that mother nature likely would have.  If you are looking for a costume that isn’t scary, this tutorial is for you.  Check out the video:

4. Elegant Masquerade

Elegant Masquerade Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Masquerade is a classic party theme, and these parties are common both during Halloween and throughout the rest of the year.  For a simple and classic masquerade look, this tutorial shows you how to emphasize your eyes so that your natural features compliment a beautiful mask, and aren’t completely hidden.  Check out the video here:

 5. Vampire

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

There are usually tons of vampires at any Halloween party, so in order to set yourself apart from the un-dead crowd, try this more glamorous take on the vampire by adding shimmer and deeper colors, like fuchsias instead of bright reds. Check out the video here:

 6.  Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Even though there are new movies being released constantly, sometimes you just can’t beat the classics where Halloween costumes are concerned.  This video is perfect for Johnny Depp lovers, and teaches you how to transform yourself into Edward Scissorhands, complete with the matted hair and sad expression of the eyes.  Check out the video:

7. Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup

Comic Book Pop Art Halloween Makeup Tutorial

If you want a Halloween costume that is a little more bold and colorful, why not transform yourself into a work of comic book art?  This tutorial shows you how with a lot of liquid liner you can look like a character that walked right out of a comic.  To find out how to do this really fun look, check out the video:

8. Mermaid

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Sure, Ariel is cute, but if you want a more sophisticated mermaid style, this tutorial brings just enough glitter to make you stand out, but not so much that you turn into a corny princess mermaid.  This look is simple and as the creator of the video says, seductive. Watch the video here:

9. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skull

Dia de los Muertos Day of the Day Halloween Makeup Tutorial

All Souls Day is celebrated the day after Halloween, but the skulls used to honor the deceased are beautiful, and make a nice alternative for a Halloween costume to traditional skull and skeletons.  What is nice about this tutorial is that her design only covers half the face, and is less overwhelming than some of the full face designs.  Check out the video:

10. Zombie Rag Doll

Zombie Rag Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

There is really nothing beautiful about zombies, but combining the traits of a zombie with something a little less creepy, like a rag doll, can create the right amount of zombie-ness, while still allowing you to be a little bit cuter and prettier.  This tutorial is perfect for anyone who sort of wants to be a zombie, but isn’t totally sure.  Check out the video here:

What will you be for Halloween?