You can never have too many beauty products right?  No matter how full your makeup bag and vanity shelves get, there is always room for one, or ten, more cosmetic products.  Especially if you are going to be travelling somewhere, shopping will inevitably occur, and many of your purchases will fall into the beauty category.  If you find yourself jet-setting around the globe, make sure to visit these beauty bars, they offer a wide range of unique, organic and high end beauty products that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

1. Bobbi Brown Studio, Paris

Bobbi Brown Studio, Paris

This is a great place to buy any basic products that you may have forgotten to take with you in your packing frenzy.  You don’t want to look anything short of your best in Paris, do you?

2. Clark Street Mercantile, Montreal

Clark Street Mercantile, Montreal

Men like to be beautiful too.  This is a great spot to visit if you or the guy’s in your life want to stay well-groomed and stylish.  You can get anything from beard oil to fancy, yet masculine, soaps.

3. Cream, Miami

Cream, Miami

This stop is a little off the beaten path, but has a really wide range of products, including some great French brands, and is well worth a brief detour, and by brief, I mean multiple hours.

 4. Des Filles a la Vanille, Paris

Des Filles a la Vanille

If you are in search of something girly and smelly, in the best way possible of course, this is the place for you.  The shop features a wide range of perfumes and likely has the perfect product for any scent preference.

5. Joyce Beauty, Hong Kong

Joyce Beauty, Hong Kong

This Hong Kong department store, with smaller outposts throughout the city, is a great place to go if you are looking for some unusual products from cool brands around the world.

6. Liberty, London

Liberty, London

Two of the highlights of this extensive department store beauty floor are the multitude of perfumes and the availability of a great UK skincare line, Heal Gel.

7. Natural House, Tokyo

Natural House Tokyo

This place is cool in that it is sort of the Tokyo version of Whole Foods, and can also be a great stop for some organic groceries.  It stocks all kinds of useful and organic beauty products that are very practical for a world traveler.

8. Shopper’s Drug Mart, Toronto

Shopper's Drug Mart, Toronto

This beauty bar is likened to a Walgreens, but is more upscale than that.  For a chain, it is totally stocked with a range of beauty products, and if you happen to be by one of these, it is likely you won’t have to go anywhere else to meet your cosmetic needs.

9. Twisted Lilly, Brooklyn

Twisted Lilly, Brooklyn

Being in Brooklyn, there’s a pretty good chance you will find something here that you’ve never heard of and is a little unique.  In addition to perfume, this shop is also known for a large selection of candles and products for men.

10. Loft, Tokyo

Loft, Tokyo

If you go to Japan, odds are you will want to return home with armfuls of unique Japanese goods, and this is the perfect place to find those items, along with some classic items from home, perfect for any ex-pats out there.


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