The Best of Halloween in Hollywood 2013

Halloween is a day to go all out and let your freak flag fly and there is no better place that understands that more than Hollywood. Actors, singers, models, and reality stars know how to go all out on October 31st and this year was no exception.

Miley Cyrus

There is no doubt that this is the year of Miley. Her VMA outfit is the go to for crazy Halloween costume ideas, so why not dress as another infamous VMA outfit. Lil Kim’s purple 1999 outfit is the perfect fit for Miley.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim 1999 VMA
Via MileyCyrus on Instagram

Paris Hilton

Speaking of Miley, Miss Hilton took on the now famous VMA teddy bear one piece and foam finger that shocked the world. As well as adding red shades and the signature tongue hanging out of the mouth, I’ll say the Paris nailed it.

celebrity holloween roundup- Paris Hilton as Miley Cyruss VMA 2013

Matt Lauer

Sure womaen can dress all sexy on Halloween, but so can men.  Today Show host Matt Lauer proved that point on the Halloween episode of NBC’s Today Show. Donning a blonde wig, red bathing suit, and even the signature slow motion run, Matt captured the pure elegance of Pamela Anderson.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson Today show Halloween edition

Ellen DeGeneres

Last month singer Nikki Minaj appeared on Ellen dressed very sparingly and bra less. So Ellen decided to dress as what she explains as “something really scary…me half naked.” Ellen had Minaj’s look down pat with pink lipstick, blonde wig, and even fake breasts.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Ellen as Nikki Minaj on her show - Copy

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

NPH and Burtka are always incredibly gifted when it comes to Halloween costumes. Ever since their twin son and daughter arrived it has been nothing but pure adorable.  In past years the family dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz, this year they went for an Alice in Wonderland look. Neil and David as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are beyond perfect.

celbrity Halloween roundu

Nicole “Snookie” Palizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley

After getting the boot from Dancing With the Stars reality star darling Snookie and her bff JWoww for the” Night of the Living Dead” party in NYC.  The pair went as the The Queen of Hearts and The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland

celbrity Halloween roundup- Jwow and Snookiw as the queen of hearts ans the white queen logo part - Copy

Alexa Chung

There is nothing better than a funny costume, and Alexa Chung knows that. The super model and TV host dressed as McDonald’s Hamburgler for a party at NYC’s Refinery 29. Even while dressed as a giant burger she still looks adorable.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Alexa Chung as Hamburguler NYC 2013

Shenae Grimes

The 90210 star took on the sexy Poison Ivy at a party in West Hollywood. Her husband, musician Josh Beech, dressed as Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Night.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Shenae Grimes  as Poision IVY West Hollywood

Lea Michele

The Glee star showed off her more sexy side as a German Beer Maid. With a short dress, pigtails, and black thigh highs Michele managed to look adorable in the pic she tweeted out in which she poses with a similarly dressed friend.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Lea Michelle as German Bar Maid twitter pic - Copy
Via @LeahMichelle Instagram

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

The couple dressed up twice already for Halloween, but the best has to be their homage to Dia De Los Muetros or “Day of the Dead.” Fergie in all black has her face painted like a sugar skull and red flowers wrapped around her hair; Josh is also wearing face paint and a sombrero.  Both look creepy and stunning which is a perfect match for the holiday.


elbrity Halloween roundup-Fergie and Josh Duhamel Day of the deasd


Kelly Osborne

The cast of E!’s Fashion Police decided that for their Halloween episode they were going to dress as looks from the past year’s red carpet events. Gulianna Rancic was Sophia Vegara, Joan Rivers was Miley, but nobody captured their star better than Kelly.  The host dressed up as the busty Mad Men star Christina Hendricks.  Wearing multiple bras and a red wig, she captured the curvaceous actress’ red carpet fashion.

celbrity Halloween roundup-Kelly Clarkson as Cristina Hendricks fashion Police

Naya Rivera

The Glee star added a sexy spin to an iconic character. Dressed in a big red coat, giant black hat, and a mysterious briefcase, Naya tackled the looks of cartoon character Carmen Sandiego.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Niya raverez- Carmen Sandiego - Copy
Via Perez

Nicole Richie

In one of the more clever costumes, Richie used her petite size to play Danny Devito. A much taller friend completed the look by wearing matching suits to replicate the look from the movie Twins.

celbrity Halloween roundup-Nicole Richie as Danny Devitto - Copy

Constance Jablonski

The French fashion model copied the iconic red body suit that Britney Spears wore in her famous “Oops I did it again” video.  Constance had the look down pat with the long blonde hair and even a mic piece.

celbrity Halloween roundup- Constance Jablonski as Britney Spears Opps I did it ag

Alessandra Ambrosio

Nobody looked more smoldering than model Ambrosio. The Brazilian born beauty went as the Queen of Hearts to a Hollywood party. She is pretty much knocking all other Queen of Hearts out of the water.

celbrity Halloween roundup- alassandra ambrosio - Copy

 Which is your favorite Hollywood Halloween costume?

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